Making Every Click Count

google adwords partner 350 schattenYes, Internet Users “click on the ads” when on search engines. And yes, PPC (pay per Click) advertising works. But only if done right. There are plenty of variables to consider in an effective AdWords campaign.

The Austrians, a premier AdWords agency, create measurable marketing campaigns — tracking every click and every lead — to show you that your advertising Dirhams are bringing you more business.

It is easy to always place your ad on top of Google if you have unlimited budget. But nobody has an unlimited budget and therefore the AdWord campaign has to be carefully conducted.

What makes us stand out from the competition is the fact that we will substantially lower your CPA (Cost Per Action) and therefore raise the ROI (Return Of Investment). And we can proof that!


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Attracting the right Visitors

abu dhabi adwords quote mariacherGoogle AdWords are so called pay-per-click ads. Which means that only the number of clicks generated onto your website will be paid.

Important hereby is to attract the "right" visitors to the site, only then will you generate corresponding revenue.

You will NOT want to attract people looking to rent a flat if you are a car rental agency. You will end up paying for ineffective clicks!

The Austrians will design a customized campaign generating only wanted clicks from targeted users and forever avoid wasted clicks that eat up your budget.

Its a Jungle out there

abu dhabi adwords quote alexThe paid search auction is a rough world. It’s divided sharply between the amateurs and the pros. Here’s what the playing arena looks like:

  • Advertiser competition is fierce - freelancers, "Jack of all trades agencies" and pros - they are all driving up click-prices
  • Google’s relevancy formula is also doing a good job of driving up click prices, unless you know how to handle them
  • Only professionals who skillfully optimize every campaign detail will succeed over the long term

Just being there isn’t good enough to maximize traffic to your website without spending a fortune. You need certified experts on your side to help you in coming out as winner in the paid search marketing gamble!


Why us?

abu dhabi adwords google certified gerhard strasser✓ Certified European GOOGLE AdWords Experts
✓ In depth knowledge of how Google works
✓ Lowest cost-per-click (CPC)
✓ Lowest cost-per-action (CPA)
✓ Proven record of increased business!
✓ 100% Transparency - detailed monthly report
✓ No empty promises and very fair pricing

To run a successful AdWords Campaign it takes years of experience and many trial and error runs. This is not something they teach at school or universities.

The Austrians AdWords agency have delivered successful AdWords campaigns to various companies substantially improving their online Sales Lead Generation since 2009