What is SEO?

With search engine optimization (SEO) your website can be found better on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Co. Hundreds of millions of minutes represent hundreds of millions of search queries, every single day! 90% of all users search only Google´s page one and will never click on the second page. Approximately 65% of them will only view the first 3 results.

These figures show clearly how important it is to be placed on page 1 in the search engines or at least as close as possible. Of course it is important to be listed with the relevant search terms (keywords) that users are searching with and which are also relevant to your website.

With the right SEO strategy, you achieve long-lasting ranking improvements that will lead to more website visitors and more revenue and profit in the future. Such a strategy, however, is not a short-term task. The first results of an optimization are usually visible after a few days, but real top rankings are not a matter of weeks, certainly not days.

Here patience is required, because the higher the competition density the longer it will take to get good results. And the competition does not sleep. It takes a lot of diligence, persistence and constant optmizing for a SEO expert to get a Page1 rank for a website. This is also the reason why search engine optimization is an ongoing process and does not stop when you reach Page 1. As soon as you stop SEO efforts, your competition will slowly but surely overtake you.

Also the constant Google updates (hundreds per year) are a reason for ongoing SEO measures to keep the page constantly up to date. You want to know what is SEO exactly?

Keyword research

In the first step, we will find important keywords for you, that is search terms with corresponding search volumes. No need for keywords that no one is looking for. With the increased use of "voice search", the keyword research has changed. The keywords are longer and more accurate now. To match the exact phrase of a search term isn't as easy as it used to be. SEO - read more Google Search Console & Google Analytics The second step is to find out under which keywords your website can be found and which keywords have the highest potential for a good rank.

These two factors are probably the most important tools for any SEO agency. During this process, we can find errors and we can see what Google "thinks" about the website. Important features of the Google Search Console include determining the preferred domain, country targeting, or finding duplicate or missing titles.

Google Analytics is primarily used to measure site visitors. What countries do they come from? Which devices were used? Were inquiries sent? But other important information such as the website´s load time is also measured here.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a very important part of the whole SEO strategy and helps people find you when they are in the Abu Dhabi neighborhood. We will help you to confirm and optimize your Google MyBusiness entry so that it can also be found when some one makes a search query for your business.

Onpage optimization

After that, we take care of the website itself. In the course of this, we optimize the page structure, add metadata like title and description, add and change headings, and also optimize photos for Google image search. The internal links are also an often underestimated ranking factor.

Offpage optimization

If possible, we can help your webmaster configure your server accordingly. This allows fast loading times, which is especially important on mobile devices.

With websites made by us, this is, of course, a standard feature. Our websites score best in all Google tests. That is the result of our HighSpeed servers and top-optimized websites.

In the further course we take care of a natural backlink structure. This means that we only use link sources, which Google considers as trustworthy and no punitive measures have to be feared. Best, however, are genuine, "natural" links. This is best achieved through interesting content on the various topics, this will automatically bring other webmasters to "voluntarily" add links on their website to your website.

Obviously there are many more factors for a good ranking. Altogether there are around 200 factors. To list these here, however, would lead too far.