What is SEO ?

Let us answer all your SEO concerns

The search engine optimization sector has changed considerably in recent years.

The reason for this is that Google is getting smarter, that is, its algorithm is constantly refined. In October 2015, Google also confirmed the so-called Rank Brain, a kind of artificial intelligence integrated in the algorithm.

This Rank Brain recognizes the context of search queries, interprets them rightfully, learns constantly and therefore delivers an improved search result.

The Offpage or Offsite Optimization

The Offpage Optimization deals with all factors that are not directly performed on your website. A term, which first comes up, is the so-called link building, which means nothing else than a (back)link on another website leading to your website.

In the old Dinosaur SEO days, it was a popular practice to get as many (back)links to your own page regardless of the quality. This included, in particular, the so-called link farms. Link-farms were nothing else than platforms, which organized the exchange of links from different website operators (webmasters).

Today, such methods are highly dangerous because Google detects and severely punishes this actions. Even an unnaturally fast linkbuilding is evaluated by Google and can lead to individual punishments.

The Onpage or Onsite Optimization

Basically, one differentiates two main areas in the Search Engine Optimization. On the one hand, the onpage optimization, on the other the offpage optimization. As the name suggests, the onpage Optimization deals with all the measures on the website. This mainly affects the texts, structure, heading, metadata, some other technical factors, and last but not least the images on the website.

While some years ago it was still quite sufficient to place the respective keyword on the website as often as possible, this technique, known as keyword spamming, is long gone. Previously, it was even common practice to write the keywords in white font on a white background as often as possible. Such methods can only be smiled at today.

The Google algorithm recognizes such methods easily and punishes them rigorously. In the worst case, it can even mean the exclusion from the Google index. Not being in the Google index will lead to a website that is completely invisible, which in turn means that it can not even be found if you type in the name.

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