8 Reason Why People Totally Hate Your Website

Posted On: February 2nd, 2017

Ever wondered why nobody seems to like your website? Following might be the reasons why...

  1. Site Speed

    A slow site turns customers away. In fact, a 1 second delay in page response can result in 7% reduction in conversions. But most likely, your site isn’t just facing a 1 second delay; in the UAE its probably 8-15 seconds slower than it could be. We have even seen UAE websites with a first load time of 30 seconds and more!!! YAWN....

    Ideally, you want a page load time of under 4 seconds!

  2. Poor Navigation
    We have grown accustomed to a certain navigation on a website that help us find what we need as fast as possible. Don’t make it difficult on your clients. Think KISS - Keep It Short and Simple.

  3. All Style, No Substance
    Did you ever stumble upon a website that looks like it belongs on a wall in the Louvre and is full of gimmicks and fun effects? And did you try to figure out what the hell this website is all about? A website that is logical to use and easy to navigate will impress the user much more than a piece of art!!

  4. Pop Up after Pop Up
    Who likes Pop ups? So why would you torture your future clients with annoying Pop Ups? Websites with Pop Ups sometimes have a bounce rate of upto 90% - especially on smartphones. Thats why Google already started penalizing websites with Pop Ups in January 2017.

  5. Hidden Contact Info
    The contact info should be the easiest thing to find on your website. Dont make it into the holy grail of information.

  6. Autoplay Music
    Aaaargh....while you might think that your favorite classical piano overture or jazzy sonate will be a hit with the user, your visitors might disagree greatly!! You will never be able to meet everyone´s taste, and besides they might be at work or in the bus. Just let it pass by :-)

  7. Information Overload
    Its great to have content - Google loves content. But try to keep it structured and don´t banter on forever - peoples´ patience is limited and if they dont find immediately what the were looking for, they will try somewhere else!

  8. Outdated Old Website
    If your website is older than 4 years, chances are high that it is not up to date anymore and features loads of broken links, error pages and the last news snippet from 2 years back (love those...). Chances are also that it is not responsive, but 82% of all research is done via smartphone, so if your website is one of those almost extinct dinosaurs, you gotta let go and invest in a new one done by a professional agency.
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