Social Media Packages

Utilize Social Media for your business

Use Social Media to grow your business

Who should use our social media packages? Our social media packages can help you utilize Social Media Marketing and take advantage of the many benefits the social networks have to offer. We know that ‘social’ is important for your business, that’s why we have created our social media packages to give you best results at a low cost.

Our packages are best suited for small businesses that want to create and/or enhance their social presence but don’t have the time or know-how to do it and in addition don’t want to spend a fortune to get results. Social Media is, in most cases, not the right channel to gain new customers, despite popular believe! Because many views and likes do NOT mean more customers.

So if you want to stay in touch with your existing followers and gain new ones, without expecting miracles, we have the right packages for you.


SMALL BUSINESS Our small business package is ideal for start-ups and businesses that have a limited budget but want to take advantage of social media to promote their brand, product and services at affordable prices.

MEDIUM BUSINESS Our medium business package is ideal for small to medium organizations that want to outsource their social media presence.

CUSTOM Our custom social media packages can be customized to your needs and requirements. Our social media experts will help you select which features to include in the package based on your budget.

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