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Who should use our social media packages?

abu dhabi social media expert 4Our social media packages can help you utilize Social Media Marketing and take advantage of the many benefits the social networks have to offer. We know that ‘social’ is important for your business, that’s why we have created our social media packages to give you best results at a low cost.

Our packages are best suited for small businesses that want to create and/or enhance their social presence but don’t have the time or know-how to do it and in addition don’t want to spend a fortune to get results. Social Media is, in most cases, not the right channel to gain new customers, despite popular believe! Because many views and likes do NOT mean more customers.

So if you want to stay in touch with your existing followers and gain new ones, without expecting miracles, we have the right packages for you.


Our small business package is ideal for start-ups and businesses that have a limited budget but want to take advantage of social media to promote their brand, product and services at affordable prices. see details below...

Our medium business package is ideal for small to medium organizations that want to outsource their social media presence. see details below..

Our custom social media packages can be customized to your needs and requirements. Our social media experts will help you select which features to include in the package based on your budget. see details below...


What’s included in our social media packages?

For all our social media packages we guarantee minimum monthly results, there are no set-up fees or long term contracts and you can stop any time you want.

High quality postings – We will create the postings based on content you have on your website, promotions you would like to advertise or pictures or designs forwarded by you with the purpose of generating leads, social media shares, likes and interactions. Studies show that the posts should be a fun mixture of business related information, promotions and a bit of advertising to capture and hold your audience.

Finding new followers – We will discuss your business objectives and adjust our social media campaign to be aligned with that. We don’t just try to increase your followers, we aim in finding new targeted followers and add benefit to your business.

Business page optimization – Before starting our campaign we will optimize your social media pages for maximum visibilty and exposure.

Campaign management – We will manage your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram thus making sure that you get the most from your budget.

Monthly progress report – At the end of each month you will get a progress report with all the details concerning your campaigns.


Why businesses need social media packages?

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  • Talk to existing customers
  • Spread the word about your products and services
  • Brand recognition
  • Advertise your business, products or services
  • Create a community and loyal following
  • It’s good for SEO