Why Google Hates Your Website & How You Can Fix It

Posted On: January 21st, 2017

If you build it, the Googlebot will come. Google is the ultimate judge and jury when it comes to how your website ranks. Better make sure to do everything right to gain Google´s favor.

If you have a bad rank in search engines, chances are that Google hates your website. This doesn’t mean it will stay hating it, but it does mean you definitely need to work to get back in Google’s favor. You have to have someone audit your website regularly in order to ensure maximum SEO benefits.

So, what could be the most common reasons why Google hates your website and what can you do to change that?

1. Your Website Design Is Out Of Date and not mobile-friendly

As mentioned in an earlier article, Google penalizes non mobile-friendly websites so before you even begin to engage in SEO, make sure your website is responsive or you will never be able to rank high!

Include Social Media Buttons - in order to rank higher Google wants to see people sharing your content. To make it easier for them to do so, you need to make sure your website features social media sharing buttons.

2. Your Website Design Is Out Of Date and not mobile-friendly

Links (Internal, external and Backlinks) are very important for ranking. When we think of links, backlinks are the first to come to mind, but dont ever neglect internal and external links.

But be aware of building links unnaturally, Google will take notice and rank you accordingly or take you out altogether.

Don´t try cheating Google, guess who will win?

3. Your Content Offers Little Value or Information

Adding content simply to rank your website high? This will not work. Writing for ranking purposes is no longer possible when it comes to search rank. Google will know if your site is interesting to visitors and if it is worth showing to others.

In the year 2017, ranking factors for your website include time on site and interaction from readers. If others like it, Google is more likely to rank it higher and therefore present it to others.

Final Word

If your website is not ranking high in search results, there is a good chance something went wrong to make Google hate it but no worries....while there are many reasons why this may have happened, there is a way to fix this. Team up with a qualified SEO expert.

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