Biggest Website Mistake

Posted On: January 5th, 2017

Prefer Beauty over Performance.

In other words: all effort and money is being put in design and the most important part, the engine of the website, is being ignored!

Its really very easy to have a beautiful looking website under AED6000 with all those website builders and freelancing amateurs out there but it is just NOT possible to rank well with those websites.


Because times have changed. A website is not just a website. The design is the smallest portion, its all about performance. Almost everyone has a website and the fight for top positions will not be won with a run of the mill website - as simple as that - its just not possible!! Only the best will go up!

There are only 10 positions on page one and who do you think Google will give this most wanted spot to? a technically flawlessly programmed, fully optimized website that follows all Google guidelines hosted on a high speed server or one that is.... well .... beautiful - full stop.

So gear up now and get ahead of your competitors with a high performance, optimized website made by European experts that is surprisingly affordable...

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