FINALLY: Google reveals the optimal load time of websites

Posted On: December 19th, 2016

The load time of a website is a ranking factor on Google. But how long should it take to load a page? The exact response from Google:

A maximum of three seconds!!!

Optimal page load time

Not more than two to three seconds - this is the upper limit for Google's tolerance load time. Johannes Müller (Webmaster Trend Analyst - Google Switzerland) revealed this number recently on Twitter and gave a tip, which testing tool should be used to measure the performance of websites. Webpagetest is the tool of choice.

In March last year, Johannes Müller had pointed out in the Google Webmaster Forum that the crawl frequency could be reduced for websites with a load time of more than two seconds which any webmaster would want to avoid as it is very important for Google to crawl the website regularly. This all plays into a good rank.

Another big argument for the optimization of the load times is that Google has announced that they should be incorporated into the calculation of the mobile-friendliness of websites. In view of the switch to a mobile-dominated index, it is vital to take a look at the website performance.

Google's PageSpeed ​​Insights can also provide useful hints. You get a value between 0 and 100, separate for desktop and mobile depending on the speed of a website. Green light is given for a score of 85 and above.

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