Google´s Mobile-First Index

Posted On: March 26th, 2017

What Google's Mobile-First Index Means For Your SEO Strategy

Google is working constantly to keep its search engine updated. Today, users rely mostly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for the majority of their online activities. So, naturally Google is spending more time catering to those users.

Google has already released a number of updates designed to make the web more mobile friendly, but now it’s announced the “mobile-first” for its index, which could change the whole strategy game significantly for SEO.

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Mobile First in a Nutshell

What exactly is the mobile-first index?

Google collects information on every web page in a massive catalog, known as index, which is then used to display search results when you make a Google search.

Up until recently, Google viewed websites primarily through the eyes of a desktop user, treating mobile pages as secondary. From now on though, Google is treating the mobile versions of each page as primary, with desktop versions being secondary.

This new development will take place over the next several months.

Google's Stance on Mobile Friendliness

This isn’t the first time that Google has released an update to address mobile users. Mobilegeddon and its follow-up were released in 2015 and 2016 and made a huge impact (see related article).

What does Google see as mobile friendly? The simple definition is any webpage that is easy to view and use on a mobile device. For the most part, Google just wants people to be able to read the text without having to zoom or scroll, quick load times, and easy interaction with any buttons present.

If you’re concerned about the mobile friendliness of your website, you can easily test it with the Google mobile friendly test here to determine if any of your pages are lacking.

The Impact that Mobile-First Will Have

The impact of mobile-first indexing will come mostly into play if your mobile and desktop sites are significantly different. For example, if the mobile version of your website has less content than the desktop version. Because the mobile version will now be treated as the primary version, it could have a significant bearing on your ranking.

It’s clear that Google is building a bold new future for mobile content and mobile users, and the mobile-first index is yet another foresight of what is to come.

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