Non Mobile-Friendly Websites Lose Rank

Posted On: January 21st, 2017

Google is punishing non mobile-friendly websites and websites with intrusive pop-ups!

With over 82% (Google & Ipsos Data, May 2016) smartphone users turning to their devices to help them make a product decision, it comes as no surprise that Google wants to make the mobile experience more enjoyable and accessible for users.

Step 1 – Google penalized non-mobile friendly websites by ranking them low Starting March 2015, websites that were not easy to use on mobile phones or tablets (responsive), were penalized by Google by ranking them lower on its mobile search results pages. In May 2015 Google further increased the importance of having a mobile page and not mobile friendly websites were ranked even lower than before. Result: by June 2016 eight out of ten websites on the first page of Google were mobile friendly!

Step 2 – Google to penalize sites that use annoying pop-up ads Starting from January 2017, Google is set to penalize websites that show intrusive, unnecessary popups, that block content and impede the user experience. Google has decided to punish mobile sites that use intrusive pop-up ads by ranking them low and not figuring them prominently on search results.

Interesting facts:

  • 91% of internet users in UAE own a smartphone (that’s 80.6% of the UAE population)
  • the average bounce rate of a non-mobile friendly website being accessed with a smartphone is 85%*

* Google defines bounce rate as the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page)

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